EXIT Realty truly is a different way to do Real Estate

EXIT Realty truly is a different way to do Real Estate

Thursday, January 16, 2014

One Word

This year Exit Realty Missoula is joining EXIT Corp in the "One Word" journey.  The premise of "One Word" comes out of failed New Years resolutions and goals gone unmet.  Instead of making a list of "to-do's" you choose one word that you will focus on for the whole year.  Unifying your vision for the next year makes you sharper and simplifies all those plans that you make.  How do you choose your one word?
-Find a quiet place, look inwardly and ask yourself some questions.  "What is prohibiting me in my life?"  "What do I struggle with?"
-Look upward.  Pray, Meditate, talk a walk in nature.
-Look outward.  Think about your family, how you impact others.

I discovered my word right off the bat.  I was having a conversation with my Mother and we were talking about what we wanted our resolutions to be.  Mine kept coming back to the fact that I have so many great plans and resources but I feel like I never completely finish things.  I lost 20 lbs but still needed to change the way I think about food and my body.  I love to sew and have so many awesome materials but don't have space or time.  I am a Realtor and have access to so much awesome training and have quite a bit of clients but I don't have a good system.  

My word is Follow-Through:  "To continue a stroke or motion to the end of its arc.  To press on in an activity or process, especially to its finish."

I find myself being stopped or interrupted during processes, or I take on too many projects and I can't follow through with them.  Shoot, I can't even get through dinner without getting interrupted by a phone call.

I have realized that I can have some quick wins by simply following through with routines and plans.  IE: Dinner time, the cell phone now goes off and is in the other room.  Simple things such as setting up my clients on a newsletter or campaign, thank you cards, putting away laundry, daily devotions.  Some projects are too big to take on in one afternoon.  But I really like what the definition of follow through says to do: PRESS ON!

Sometimes I get stymied by the amount of life that happens and I want to hide or I flake out.  But pressing on gives me the illusion of someone slowly pressing grapes.  It doesn't have to be fast or beautiful, but the outcome is sweet and rich.

What is your one word?



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