EXIT Realty truly is a different way to do Real Estate

EXIT Realty truly is a different way to do Real Estate

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sharing is Caring

Hi friends and family.  I apologize for the long absence from blogging about my domestic endeavors and mishaps.  I ran into what I like to call a creative blockage of some sort.  It seems every once in a while I have an impossible time writing, sewing, decorating or coming up with anything original or fun.  I think summer must have worn me out BUT now we are back to fall.

Ahhhh, the end of fall.  My very favorite time of year.  Halloween is over and now we have the onslaught of parties, dieting dilemmas, runny noses, chapped lips and then straight on to winter.

As penance for my long absence I would like to provide you with my very favorite links that have seriously helped me become a better housewife.  These websites will help you meal plan, budget, get out of debt, feel better about yourself and challenge you in new ways. 

But first I would like to reassure the Domestic Do It Alls, Stay at Home Super Moms and the Wonderful Working Women in my life.  Remember this my beautiful woman friend: You are a treasure, far above rubies, and are created just as you are.  This season is known for it's depression and discouragement, it's known for its commercialism and comparisons.  So when your stretched for cash and your tired of attending countless parties and you've about had it with your friends and their countless diet restrictions remember this one thing: "your shoe is untied..." Just kidding.  The moral of the story is to laugh it off.  Don't take it all so seriously. Remember that your creator is the same creator who created the platypus....When things get too tough, to serious, to obnoxious, watch your favorite hilarious youtube video and move on.  Yup, that's all I got for you. :)

Now to the goodies:

Learn how to effectively coupon and not end up on TLC:

 My favorite website as of right now, so practical and wonderful:

Get out of debt!

Lovely Lady with a passion for Christ:

Organizing Junkie, Type A personalities beware, your mind will be blown:

For those of you with babies, this website gives great advice.  She follows the babywise books but if that doesn't jive with you she still has amazing advice and tips.