EXIT Realty truly is a different way to do Real Estate

EXIT Realty truly is a different way to do Real Estate

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Grandma Wisdom

I said something to my boss about designing our work spaces that struck a.chord in me. I told him, "Clutter is the enemy of modern decor." (Not like I know anything about modern decor.) But I realized that clutter is the enemy of most things. The best advice is usually the simplest.  My husband would argue the best people to be around are the down home folk that lead simple lives. And now I tend to agree.

I'm a chronic over thinker. Mole hills in my life are often tackled like Mt. Everest.

I am reminded about the wonderful 'Grandma' advice I've been given that is so simple but so effective. So clutter and fluff free.

I also think to my time in college living with a (then) 91 year old and 71 year old. I wish deeply that I would have recorded everything they said. Especially Rhoda.

Rhoda got dressed every morning, always wearing earrings. She had a cat called Little Miss. She drank a glass of wine and a beer every day. She would (fake) yell at me and say "Dont be getting into my wine or beer" and "Don't let the cat out." She loved Dr. Phil, the Gaithers and Jesus.  She approved of Jesse. She told me a "well fed man is a happy man," "Try not to set off the fire alarm ever time you cook," And that if we could make it poor we could make it through anything.

I practiced all my singing "specials" in front of her.  She loved it. As I wipe my eyes right now I think of the Motherly, Grandma wisdom I've recieved.

Simple words for very complicated times.

I want to say more on the subject of simplicity. But I would urge action.  Clear out clutter, listen to the advice your mothers and grandmothers give you and cheerish the moments you spend with them.



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