EXIT Realty truly is a different way to do Real Estate

EXIT Realty truly is a different way to do Real Estate

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Grocery Store Strategy & Psychology

It was brought to my attention at one of my Weight Watcher meetings that Restaurants and Grocery stores are using in depth psychology reasoning for marketing their products.  Even grocery shopping is rife with conflict:  I want to save money and 'they' want me to spend money.  Off the top of my head I was trying to think about everything I've ever told about the best way to grocery shop.

1) Write a list
2) Eat before you go
3) Stay on the out skirts of the store
4) The lowest priced items are always below eye view

I decided to do more research on the art of grocery shopping and how those grocery store chains are using our impulses and predictability to their advantage.   I learned from Psychology Today that Dole is planting a specific banana whose color is Buttercup Yellow, this color of banana compared to other colors is by far more pleasing to the eye and sells at a higher rate than other color of bananas.  Stores also strategically place necessities such as milk, eggs, meat and cheese at the back of the store so that you must walk through the entire store.  I've even heard of stores using certain fragrances that may trigger your subconscious to spend more and linger longer.

I kind of want to scream after reading all this research...as if we weren't getting bombarded enough with advertising.

Tonight I make my meal plan, my shopping list and I look at the grocery ads. Tomorrow I attempt my shopping (or should I say battle) and I'll be ready. I was reading a blog titled "Frugal For Life," Dawn has some really great tips and tactics for grocery shopping.  The link is provided HERE for you.  Please be sure to comment on her site and to let her know how much you appreciate her tips!

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