EXIT Realty truly is a different way to do Real Estate

EXIT Realty truly is a different way to do Real Estate

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Wishful Thinking Spring

It's March...FINALLY!  Most of us (those located in cold weather areas) are breathing a sigh of relief, mostly to due with the fact that winter should be over soon.  While I type this the sky outside is grey and threatening to snow or rain or send showers of graupel our way.  It seems all I can think about is sun and warmth and floating down the Bitterroot in my kayak.  But there will be plenty of time of that when summer. finally. gets. here.  (deep pitiful sigh)

Until then, I have concentrated my efforts on spring cleaning.  Spring cleaning is a difficult and arduous task in itself filled with explanations like, "I didn't realize mold could grow on this," or "That's what happened to the (whatever you've been missing for a whole year)," or heaven forbid "MOUSE!!" If your my mother a mouse is Satan reincarnate living in a tiny whiskered form.  Which brings me to tackling spring cleaning in a log cabin.  I wish I could pause right now for dramatic effect. 

To truly understand the daunting task it is, I'd like to bring your attention to the construction of a log cabin.  Wondeful logs that gather dust on top of them, tiny crevices where daddy long legs like to spin cobbwebs, a wood stove where ash expels freely, a kitchen whose construction was made for hobbits.  Ah, yes, this is spring that will test my domestic abilities in every way. 

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