EXIT Realty truly is a different way to do Real Estate

EXIT Realty truly is a different way to do Real Estate

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Office Organizing Ordeal..phew

Well, it is done!  The office corner was mayhem and with DH working and going to school full time and me picking up some more hours nannying I needed a landing place for the important things.  When I thought I lost a check this week I knew something had to be done.

Here is how I got organized on the Office:
1.  Identify what you want to organize, specify exactly what is the major problem.  For this space it was that papers would get everywhere, so every time I had to pay bills I was foraging through stacks of receipts, old mail and junk. That problem became my priority.  I figured out horizontal spaces are the devil.


2.  Create a budget.  I had Christmas money to spend so I figured $50 would be exactly what I needed.  I went over by $10.00.  Not too bad, I knew this space would be the most costly.
Bare bones

3.  Remove EVERYTHING from the space.

4.  Sort through everything.  Does it apply to the space's job?  Have you used it in 6 months-1 Year (get rid of it?  Does it need to be relocated?  I had 3 bins on hand: Relocation bin, Trash Bin and To use bin.  The relocation bin can be for donation or just needs a new place or needs to be put back where it belongs.

5.  Put in the bare bones.


6.  Return Items from the top down.

Now ENJOY your organized space!

With the $60 bucks I bought a collapsible storage ottoman from Ross ($20), the wall organizer from Target ($25), the red clock ($7), the black shelf ($10), and the cup ($1).  I also reorganized the drawers and bills.  I tried to be as frugal as possible and use what we had.  The wood 2X4 actually says "give thanks" on the back but it doesn't really match our decor so I flipped it over and put nails in for a coat rack. :)

Stay tuned next week for the Kitchen Makeover!

~ M.

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